We all desire to experience a more abundant life in the midst of daily challenges.

The Be Transformed materials are designed to address the root causes of the behavioral, relational,
emotional and spiritual problems we experience. Through applying these truths, many people have experienced
greater intimacy with God, freedom from destructive patterns, restored relationships, and emotional healing.

Be Transformed Bible Study: Discovering Biblical solutions to life’s problems

 PART 1: Discovering God’s Perspective

Lesson 1: Discovering the root of our problems

The root of our problems comes from a belief system that is filled with lies. God transforms us by renewing our minds through the truth of His Word.

Lesson 2: Understanding the Good News

We were created to be a friend and companion of God. Human beings became separated from God by sin & disobedience. God in His great love for us brings us into peace & harmony with Himself through Jesus Christ and His death on the cross.

Lesson 3: Seeing ourselves as God sees us

We are made of three basic parts: Body, Soul and Spirit. Because of Sin, our spirit is born dead to God. When we put our faith in Christ our spirit becomes alive and we are born again as a brand new person. We overcome sin by living from the spirit, not the flesh.

Lesson 4: Getting to know our Heavenly Father

Our perception of God has been badly distorted by sin and by our experiences with our earthly father. This distorted image has a profound negative impact on our lives. Our lives are transformed as we get to know our Heavenly Father for who He really is and get to know ourselves as His children.

Lesson 5: Living by the Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God who indwells us as believers. The Christian life is choosing to crucify the flesh and walk in and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

PART 2: Common Obstacles We Encounter

Lesson 6: Controlling Emotions

God created us as emotional beings and emotions have a very powerful impact on our lives either positive or negative. Emotions are messengers that can reveal a great deal about the root problems of our lives. Emotions can be messy but they are manageable as we take them to God.

Lesson 7: Expectations, anger and bitterness

Anger is a normal part of our emotional spectrum which is caused by blocked or unmet expectations. Uncontrolled anger leads to vengeance, resentment, bitterness and depression. Genuine forgiveness sets us free from the chains of anger and bitterness.

Lesson 8: The performance treadmill and guilt

The performance treadmill is attempting to live the Christian life by self-effort, keeping the Law, trying to measure up to a set of standards. This prevents intimacy with God and produces self-righteousness, bondage to sin, guilt, shame and condemnation. Freedom comes from abiding in the finished work of Jesus Christ, living in grace and allowing Christ to live His life through us.

PART 3: Putting It All Together

Lesson 9: A life transformed

Our life’s problems are a motivation to seek God and allow Him to transform us into the image of Christ through them. Knowing God and living in intimacy with Him results in an abundant life. 

New Haven offers the Be Transformed Bible Study at various times throughout the year.

Please contact our office for the next available start date if you are interested in joining.