Confidentiality Agreement

The counseling relationship is a professional and confidential relationship. What is revealed within the relationship is protected by professional ethical standards. The laws of the state of South Dakota make certain exceptions to this confidentiality privilege. If there is reasonable suspicion that you may harm yourself or others, then the biblical counselor is responsible, by law, to inform the authorities in order to protect yourself or others. If there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse, a verbal report will be made to Child Protective Services.

Client Participation in Ministry

New Haven is a ministry to hurting people. As a ministry we survive on donations from clients, churches, businesses, and others who are committed to God’s work. We encourage you, as the client, to be an active participant in the ministry by investing in your healing process. At the end of the biblical counseling process, we would also encourage you to continue to donate so others may also be helped by experiencing God’s Grace and Truth.

Session Length

Session length is approximately 50 minutes unless otherwise agreed upon between the biblical counselor and the client. There is not a minimum number of sessions. Termination of biblical counseling may occur at any time based upon the discretion of the client or the biblical counselor.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, it is your responsibility to let New Haven know of your intent to cancel your appointment. Appointments need to be canceled at least 24 hours prior to the session out of respect for the time of the biblical counselor.


If you are in need of emergency help at a time when your biblical counselor is not available, it is your responsibility to call 911 or some other emergency service (such as 339-HELP, a 24-hour helpline). You may also go to the emergency room at either Sanford Hospital or Avera Hospital. If you are in crisis and want to talk to your biblical counselor, the biblical counselor, if available, will talk with you or return your call as soon as possible.

If you agree to allow your biblical counselor to minister to you according to these policies, you are perceived to be saying that all of the above criteria are understood by you, and accepted freely by you, as pertinent to the process that you and the biblical counselor are undertaking together.