The Level 2 Biblical Discipleship class takes the basic principles of Level 1 and applies them to specific areas, problems and needs of life. This class covers the following topics:


A. RELATIONAL IDOLATRY is a term used to describe an extreme dependence (emotionally, socially and sometimes physically) on a person other than Christ. This lesson covers the symptoms, cause and solution for this issue.


1. Marriage Foundation: The Biblical foundation of a godly marriage.

2. God Given Roles: The Biblical roles of a husband and wife.

3. Intimacy: The Biblical view of intimacy, the fleshly strategies that destroy it, and the steps to take for renewal.

4. Divorce and Separation: God’s design for marriage and the Biblical perspective on divorce.

C. PARENTING: The parental role in understanding your child, discipline, modeling, instruction and enabling growth toward independence.

D. FINANCES: The principles studied in this lesson include ownership, stewardship, greed, debt, contentment, work, giving, spending and others.


A. REJECTION: Everyone experiences both overt and covert rejection which has a powerful impact on a person’s life and relationships. Freedom comes through learning the Biblical response and solution to rejection.

B. ADDICTIONS: The slavery or bondage to any product or behavior which causes a person to lose the ability to choose regarding this area of life. The addiction cycle, root causes and steps to freedom are explored.

C. FEAR & ANXIETY: This lesson explores the nature and symptoms of fear and anxiety, reveals the root causes and presents Biblical principles for dealing with it.

D. GRIEF: Grief is our response to significant loss in our lives. This lesson looks at the causes, stages and impacts of grief as well as steps of walking through the process.

E. DEPRESSION: The symptoms, causes and intensity of depression are discussed as well as the Biblical approach to dealing with it.

New Haven offers the Discipleship Level 2 Class at various times throughout the year.

Please check our Upcoming Events page or contact our office for the next available start date if you are interested in joining.