New Haven offers a Biblical pre-marital counseling ministry which is available to all couples who are thinking of or planning on getting married. We also offer our pre-marital biblical counseling service to churches to provide for their pre-marital biblical counseling needs.

Couples would attend 5-8 pre-marital sessions which would include part or all of the following:

1. Understanding Our Relationship with God

*  Getting acquainted, brief personal and family history
*  Assessment of spiritual condition and relationship with God
*  The authority of God’s word

2. Understanding God’s Design of Marriage

*  The nature and meaning of a covenant marriage
*  Biblical definition and role of a godly husband
*  Biblical definition and role of a godly wife

3. Understanding Relationship Dynamics

*  Communication and conflict resolution
*  Seeking and giving forgiveness

4. Application and Conclusion

*  Follow up of previous sessions
*  Address other areas as deemed necessary
*  Use of optional assessment tools

Optional Assessments

1. Prepare-Enrich Relationship Inventory

Identifies strength and growth areas of the couple’s relationship including communication, conflict resolution, roles, finances, family and others.

2. Arno Profile System

A temperament analysis used by the National Christian Counselors Association of Sarasota Florida.


New Haven is a non-profit ministry that does not charge fees for services. Couples are encouraged to make a financial donation to the ministry as they are able. The optional assessments do require the payment of a fee for their service.

For more information or to make arrangements for pre-marital biblical counseling, please contact us via email or by calling (605) 274-1556.